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Undoubtedly two of the most disturbing roles of Mitchum’s career can be found in The Night of the Hunter (1955) and Cape Fear (1962), wherein the actor seethes with terrifying malevolence. As a coda of sorts, the series concludes with The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973), a tragically underseen later work in which Mitchum gives a performance of remarkable resonance, portraying a common crook whose life of crime leads to desperate compromises and dire consequences. Thursday at the Heights (3951 Central Ave..

5. Buy in bulk. Some movie theaters will offer discounted tickets to community groups and condo associations. The coal industry is rife with externalities not reflected in market prices. Cave ins, explosions and black lung disease happen to miners. Clogged streams, ruined fishing and boating, and unsightly bald mountains affect residents, tourists, and outdoor enthusiasts.

The old college try: Check out the Portland area’s college and university theaters, which offer shows for considerably less than mainstream theater companies. The drawback: You’ll be watching student actors, not professionals. The advantages: Sometimes the students are pretty good, and often the college programs tackle intriguing projects that you don’t get a chance to see elsewhere.

“Research has shown that the number of, density and operational standards of alcohol can impact violence,” said Amelia Lopez of the San Bernardino County Public Health Department, who has worked closely with city figures on the development of the new law. UC Riverside sociologist and alcohol policy researcher Robert Nash Parker has provided city officials with data on the correlation between crime and alcohol availability. Parker did not speak at Tuesday’s council meeting, but Mayor Pat Morris said the professor has agreed to future studies to assess whether the new law has any effect on crime rates.

She sighed and shrugged. She’d obviously been down this road many times. “I do look like you. If you just can bear giving up your SUV, don worry, we got you covered. The Toyota Highlander Hybrid seats up to eight in three rows, has standard all wheel drive and is rated as high as 29 mpg combined. If you into pampering yourself as much as the environment there Lexus RX 450h hybrid luxury SUV..

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