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In addition to light rail, there are 16 rapid bus systems nationwide that include significant segments where buses travel on fully dedicated rights of way. This week, Denver began operating arapid transit bus linefrom its downtown to Boulder 18 miles on express lanes. In the next decade, 22 cities ranging from San Jose, California, to Albany, New York, plan to launch rapid bus service..

3. Like their meatballs? Sometimes they are free! Angeloni’s II is famous for having some of the most addictingly delicious meatballs anywhere. While they would be worth shelling out some hard earned cash for, we have to recommend stopping in on Thursday nights when meatballs come free with the purchase of a Stoli martini.

“People need to start taking this seriously,” says Heinberg, sitting in the library at New College of California’s Santa Rosa campus, where he teaches courses on energy and sustainable communities. His message has changed little since last year, when oil passed $40 per barrel on the spot market for the first time since the oil crisis of the 1970s; as of this writing, it’s at $52 a barrel and rising. While more people are certainly taking peak oil theory seriously in large part due to the efforts of Heinberg and his colleagues there remains an astounding lack of urgency regarding an event that promises to be nothing short of a prelude to the Apocalypse..

By the 1980s, when the fleet in Eureka and in other West Coast ports was booming, Hunter was operating eight boats. He was also buying fish from many more. At one point, 27 trawlers were delivering groundfish to the Fields Landing facility. People redo cars, I redo historical houses, said Sandhu. Love Vancouver, and I think that a house like this, although it’s not (designated) heritage, is a historical house. It was built 111 years ago, in 1905.